Starbucks’ Valentine’s Day Treats Now Available Worldwide

Coffee fans, rejoice! Starbucks is spreading the love this Valentine’s Day with special menu items hitting stores just in time for the romantic holiday.

From Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Crème Frappuccinos in the U.S. to the Golden Caramel White Hot Chocolate in Europe, there’s something sweet for everyone.

And it’s not just drinks—Starbucks is also releasing Valentine’s Day-themed mugs and tumblers.

But if you’re in China, Latin America, or the Caribbean, hold tight—your special treats will be available next week. Starbucks is joining other food brands in celebrating the season of love, offering limited-time treats that are sure to delight customers.

So whether you’re sipping on a Mocha Kiss in Asia-Pacific or eagerly awaiting the arrival of Cupid Cream Shaken Tea Strawberry & Hibiscus in Latin America, Starbucks has your Valentine’s Day cravings covered.

Source : Parade

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