Four games that were once only on Xbox will soon be playable on other consoles.

Sony’s PS5 will get Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves.

Both PS5 and Nintendo Switch will get Pentiment and Grounded.

Microsoft surprised many by sharing these games, which will now bring players together across different consoles.

Fans expected some of these games to make the jump, especially with rumors floating around.

Players diving into Grounded and Sea of Thieves will enjoy the added benefit of cross-platform play, expanding the player community.

During the Nintendo Direct event, we also got a peek at other exciting games, like a new Endless Ocean and Monster Hunter Stories for Switch, and a nostalgic platformer called Penny’s Big Breakaway.

Evening Star, the team behind Sonic Mania, is behind Penny’s Big Breakaway, which promises a fun and fast-paced experience reminiscent of classic 90s games.

Though fans hoped for a Sonic Mania sequel, Sega took a different route with Sonic Superstars in 2023.

Now, Sonic games can be found on Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft consoles, showing how gaming rivalries have evolved.

With Penny’s Big Breakaway generating buzz among streamers and gamers alike, it’s clear that simple, fun experiences still hold a special place in gaming.

And for those eagerly awaiting new content, the trailer for Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion dropped, promising more excitement in June.

Source : BBC

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