Nvidia’s CEO says AI is now at a critical turning point, as the company announces record-breaking sales. Revenue has skyrocketed by 265% to $22 billion in just three months, with a total of $60.9 billion for the year. This growth is largely driven by increased demand for AI technology across various industries and regions.

Analysts are impressed, noting that AI is becoming more mainstream and not just for tech companies. Nvidia’s data center business, in particular, has seen significant growth, contributing the most to its revenue.

Despite these successes, Nvidia faces challenges such as supply chain constraints and stricter trade regulations with China. While the future looks bright, there are concerns about maintaining this rapid growth and navigating potential competition and regulatory hurdles.

AI’s prominence has surged with technologies like ChatGPT, which can generate human-like responses. This could revolutionize how people search for information online.

Nvidia’s stock value has soared, reflecting investor confidence in its future prospects. Overall, it’s an exciting time for Nvidia as it continues to lead the way in AI technology.

Source : BBC


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