6 Things Married Couples Should Stop Doing for a Happier Relationship, According to a Therapist

Marriage isn’t about being perfect or always feeling “in love.” Dr. Stan Tatkin, a relationship expert, shares six habits that married couples should break for a stronger, happier relationship.

  1. Thinking Love is Enough: Love alone won’t make a marriage work. Couples should build their relationship on purpose and shared goals, not just emotions.
  2. Proving You’re Right: Focus on protecting the relationship rather than proving you’re right. Accept your partner’s perspective to keep the relationship strong.
  3. Fixing Each Other Instead of Solving Problems: Stop trying to change your partner. Work together as a team to solve issues so both of you are satisfied.
  4. Discussing Emotional Topics While Driving: Save emotional conversations for face-to-face talks. Discussing serious issues while driving can lead to misunderstandings and stress.
  5. Texting or Emailing About Emotions: Have emotional conversations in person. Seeing each other’s faces helps to understand and correct miscommunications.
  6. Ignoring Greetings and Goodbyes: Always greet and say goodbye to each other warmly. How you start and end your day together impacts your overall happiness and health.

The #1 Habit for a Healthy Marriage: Learn to apologize sincerely. If you hurt your partner, apologize fully without making excuses or justifying your actions. A simple, heartfelt apology goes a long way in maintaining a healthy relationship.

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