100 Heartfelt Quotes to Brighten Mom’s Day

This Sunday, May 12th, is Mother’s Day 2024. Instead of traditional gifts like flowers or cards, why not give something timeless?

Words have the power to express what gifts can’t, especially iconic quotes celebrating the most important woman in our lives—Mom.

Parade has compiled a list of 100 moving quotes from various sources spanning authors, poets, politicians, actors, and more.

From Abraham Lincoln to Tupac Shakur, these quotes highlight the universal significance of mothers.

The quotes capture the essence of motherhood, acknowledging the love, sacrifice, and guidance mothers provide.

Whether it’s Abraham Lincoln’s gratitude to his “angel mother” or Emma Stone’s acknowledgment of her mother as her emotional anchor, each quote resonates with the profound impact mothers have on our lives.

Some quotes reflect the humor and warmth of mother-child relationships, like Roald Dahl’s whimsical take on parental love or Dorothy’s witty observation about the role of fathers.

Others delve into the complexities of motherhood, from the challenges of single parenting to the unconditional love mothers embody.

These quotes remind us that motherhood transcends biology, as Oprah Winfrey and Stevie Wonder express gratitude for the nurturing and compassion they received from maternal figures beyond genetics.

In essence, these quotes serve as a tribute to the unwavering support, wisdom, and love mothers provide.

They encapsulate the myriad emotions and experiences associated with motherhood, making them a perfect way to honor Mom on her special day.

Source : Adapted from Parade


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