The White House is pushing back against concerns about President Joe Biden’s mental fitness. At 81, Biden has faced increased scrutiny, especially after a poor debate performance against Donald Trump.

At a tense press conference, the president’s spokeswoman denied any undisclosed illness and rumors about Parkinson’s disease. Biden himself called into MSNBC to declare, “I am not going anywhere.”

Questions about his health have grown, but Biden insists he’s capable of defeating Trump in the upcoming election.

He challenged doubters within his party to either support him or contest him at the next convention. Biden also reassured Democrats in a letter that he is fit to serve and ready to beat Trump.

Some Democrats have urged Biden to step aside, citing concerns about his ability to serve another term. However, other party members, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have voiced their support for Biden, saying the matter is settled and he will be the nominee.

Biden acknowledges his debate performance was poor but vows to improve and fight back in future debates.

Meanwhile, Trump has mocked Biden’s performance, but Biden’s team remains determined to prove his fitness and commitment to running for a second term.

Source: BBC

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