On Saturday, US Vice-President Kamala Harris attended a black cultural festival in New Orleans, discussing her life and achievements.

This is a common event for her, but this time, many more reporters followed her. This is because some Democrats in Washington are worried about Joe Biden’s ability to run for president after his poor debate performance against Donald Trump.

Harris has stood by Biden, saying his successes shouldn’t be overshadowed by one debate. However, some Democrats are now suggesting that Harris, 59, should replace Biden as the candidate for the upcoming election.

Adam Schiff, a Congressman from California, stated that Biden either needs to win convincingly or let someone else, like Harris, take over.

Some Democrats are skeptical, pointing out Harris’s failed 2020 presidential bid and her low approval ratings.

Despite this, her supporters argue she has the potential to energize young voters and has a strong national profile.

Harris has been more visible, sticking close to Biden and criticizing Trump publicly. Her supporters believe she could transition smoothly into the role of the presidential candidate.

However, concerns remain about her popularity and ability to win over key voter groups.

Harris’s former communications director, Jamal Simmons, mentioned that she has often been underestimated.

Some Democrats also suggest pairing her with another candidate like Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro to appeal to a broader range of voters.

Ultimately, the decision will depend on whether Biden steps down and whether Harris can convince voters and the party of her ability to defeat Trump.

According to a CNN poll, Harris might perform slightly better against Trump than Biden, but this remains uncertain.

Democrats will need to assess whether Harris or another candidate can better secure a victory in the upcoming election.

Credit: BBC.


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