Trump and Haley Face Off in New Hampshire Primary Showdown

Voters in New Hampshire are heading to the polls, and it’s a face-off between Donald Trump and Nikki Haley in the Republican primary.

Trump aims to secure a decisive victory over Haley, who’s counting on independent voters for an upset. This follows Trump’s big win in Iowa. The winner will challenge likely Democrat nominee President Joe Biden in the November election.

The race narrowed to Trump and Haley after Ron DeSantis dropped out and endorsed Trump. Trump holds a significant lead in polls.

At a rally, he criticized Haley, claiming she’s an easy opponent. Haley, in response, highlighted Trump’s focus on legal issues and pitched herself as a candidate for a better future.

New Hampshire’s primary also sees Democrats voting, but Biden isn’t on the ballot due to a dispute between state and national party officials. Haley’s campaign is banking on independent voters, making up 40% in New Hampshire.

It’s a unique situation with implications for both Republican and Democratic races, setting the stage for a pivotal showdown in the upcoming elections.

(Credit: Source – BBC)

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