Tragedy Strikes Israeli Forces in Gaza: 21 Soldiers Killed in Deadliest Day

In a devastating turn of events, 21 Israeli soldiers lost their lives in Gaza, marking the deadliest day for the Israeli forces since the commencement of their ground operation. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that a rocket-propelled grenade struck a tank near two buildings occupied by the soldiers. The buildings subsequently exploded, believed to be triggered by mines placed by the Israeli forces for demolition.

The incident occurred in central Gaza, close to the Kissufim kibbutz on the Israeli side of the border, around 16:00 on Monday. The soldiers, all reservists, were engaged in an operation to facilitate the safe return of southern Israel residents following evacuations prompted by the October 7th Hamas attack.

Daniel Hagari, Chief spokesman for the IDF, stated that an investigation is underway to gather more details about the tragic event. Israeli President Isaac Herzog expressed condolences, calling it an “unbearably difficult morning” and offering prayers for the wounded.

Attributing the information to the BBC, it is essential to highlight the broader context of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. The IDF initiated the war with the goal of dismantling Hamas, responding to previous attacks that claimed numerous lives. The toll on civilians in Gaza has been substantial, with the Hamas-run health ministry reporting over 25,000 casualties, predominantly women and children.

This unfortunate incident underscores the human cost of the conflict, leaving families in mourning and communities grappling with the aftermath. The complexities of the situation demand continued attention and efforts towards a resolution to prevent further loss of life.

Source : BBC

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