Kenyan police have arrested a 19-year-old driver who was caught on video assaulting a traffic policeman in Nairobi.

The video shows the teenager repeatedly punching and kicking the officer, even after he fell to the ground. The driver managed to flee after bystanders intervened to help the officer.

This incident has led to unexpected public sympathy for the police, who are usually criticized for brutality and corruption.

According to a police report, the driver was stopped for making a dangerous U-turn. The officer, Patrick Ogendo, got into the car and instructed the driver to head to a police station.

On the way, the driver stopped suddenly, pulled out a sword, and attacked the officer, who jumped out for safety. The driver then continued to assault him and stole a police phone battery.

The injured officer received medical treatment, and another person involved was arrested at the scene.

The main suspect was later arrested at his home and is expected to be charged with multiple offenses, including attempted murder.

This attack has been condemned widely, with officials expressing that such violence against uniformed officers is unacceptable.

For more details, refer to the BBC.

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