China has accused the UK’s MI6 of recruiting a Chinese couple as spies, adding to the ongoing tensions between Beijing and the West.

According to China’s Ministry of State Security, MI6 exploited a man named Wang’s greed for money while he was studying in the UK in 2015. Wang then convinced his partner, Zhou, to join him as a spy.

The accusations come shortly after the UK charged two men with spying for China, which China has dismissed as “malicious slander.”

The case of Wang and Zhou is still under investigation, and China has not revealed if they will be charged. The UK government declined to comment on the intelligence matter.

China’s Ministry claimed MI6 operatives befriended Wang during his studies, gaining his trust through dinners and tours.

Eventually, they convinced him and Zhou, who both held confidential government roles, to spy for the UK. The ministry’s statement alleges Wang initially resisted but ultimately agreed under pressure.

This public accusation by China might be a form of retaliation, as suggested by Dr. Chong Ja-Ian from Carnegie China. The opacity of the Chinese judicial system makes it hard to verify these claims.

For more details, refer to the BBC.

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