South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), is in a tough spot after losing its majority in the latest election.

With only 40% of the vote, they need to find a coalition partner to form a government or attempt to govern alone as a minority.

The ANC could partner with the Democratic Alliance (DA), which got 22% of the vote, but this is risky because of their opposing views.

The DA, seen by some as protecting white economic privileges, opposes the ANC’s policies like creating a national health service and black economic empowerment.

Another option is to join forces with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) or former President Jacob Zuma’s new MK party.

Both share similar voter bases with the ANC but want major changes, like land redistribution without compensation. This could lead to conflicts, especially since the ANC is against amending the constitution for these purposes.

If they can’t agree on a coalition, the ANC might try to form a minority government, needing support from other parties for key votes, which could lead to political instability.

The outcome will significantly impact South Africa’s future. For more details, refer to the BBC.

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