Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to visit North Korea on Tuesday, marking his first visit in 24 years. This visit comes after months of speculation, with satellite images hinting at preparations in North Korea.

Last year, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un invited Putin after traveling around Russia’s Far East in his bulletproof train.

Putin’s trip, described by the Kremlin as a “friendly state visit,” may include signing a partnership agreement with Kim, covering security issues, and making joint statements to the press.

Putin’s visit matters because it shows the strengthening relationship between Russia and North Korea, which worries the West.

This visit will be only Putin’s second to North Korea; his first was in 2000. Russia and North Korea, once allies during the Soviet Union era, now have growing ties due to their mutual benefits.

Russia seeks ammunition, workers, and possibly volunteers for the Ukraine war, while North Korea wants Russian products and military technology, especially for its missile program.

Russia has become more isolated since its invasion of Ukraine, and finding allies like North Korea, who also dislike Western sanctions, is beneficial.

Reports suggest North Korea has already sent nearly five million artillery shells to Russia. Russia, in return, may provide food, aid, and technological help to North Korea.

Both countries are heavily sanctioned – Russia for its actions in Ukraine and North Korea for its nuclear weapons development. Earlier this year, Russia even vetoed a UN resolution to extend sanctions against North Korea.

Putin’s visit also has a symbolic aspect, showing the world that he can maintain and create alliances despite Western opposition.

He aims to build new relationships with countries that oppose US dominance, such as Iran and Zimbabwe.

The visit to North Korea will be filled with ceremonies, parades, and other grand displays, reflecting the strongman styles of both nations’ leaders. However, ordinary Russians might not support growing ties with North Korea due to their cultural connections to Europe.

In conclusion, while the exact details of any agreements between Putin and Kim may remain secret, the visit sends a clear message: Putin is determined to form alliances on his terms.

This summary is based on a report by the BBC.

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