Patti Smith subtly acknowledged Taylor Swift’s latest album during a recent live performance in Dublin, Ireland. Swift’s song “The Tortured Poets Department,” from her new album, mentions Smith by name in its lyrics.

In response, during her performance, Smith told the audience, “I’m no Dylan Thomas, but I am Patti Smith,” referencing the song’s lyrics and prompting cheers from the crowd.

Fans on social media reacted with enthusiasm, calling Smith “iconic” and a “queen” for her acknowledgment of Swift’s tribute.

Smith had previously expressed gratitude for being mentioned alongside Dylan Thomas in Swift’s album, highlighting the meaningful recognition from the younger artist.

Swift’s album is noted for its lyrical references to various figures, including Charlie Puth, Stevie Nicks, and even Swift herself.

The album’s blend of homage and personal reflection has resonated widely, with Swift performing tracks like “Clara Bow” live alongside icons such as Nicks.

Overall, Smith’s nod to Swift not only underscores the intergenerational influence in music but also celebrates the ongoing impact of artists like Smith in contemporary culture.

Credit : Parade

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