French cyclist Julien Bernard has playfully apologized after being fined for kissing his wife during a Tour de France time trial.

The Lidl-Trek rider had to pay 200 Swiss francs ($223; £174) to the International Cycling Union (UCI) for briefly stopping during stage seven of the race.

The UCI said the fine was for “inappropriate behavior during the race and damaging the sport’s image.”

Bernard expressed regret on social media for “harming the sport’s image” but humorously added he would pay the fine “every day and relive this moment.”

During the short 23.3km stage through Burgundy, Bernard’s wife and supporters surprised him near their home. As he climbed, she kissed him, holding their son in a mini cycling kit.

Earlier in the race, Italian cyclist Davide Ballerini faced a similar fine for stopping to watch Mark Cavendish sprint to a Tour de France stage record.

Bernard, in a TV interview, described the kiss as a unique career highlight, saying such moments keep him motivated in cycling.

(Source: BBC)

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