Neglect at Mandela’s Final Home: eNCA Reveals Abandonment and Decay Ten Years After Icon’s Passing

A decade after Nelson Mandela’s death, eNCA explores the deserted state of his last residence in Houghton, Johannesburg.

Once hosting luminaries like Michael Jackson and Oprah, the house now sits dilapidated, with an unkempt garden and neglected rooms, including the one where Mandela passed away.

Former President Mandela’s grandchildren vacated the premises due to unpaid bills after the city cut off power.

Mbuso Mandela, one of Mandela’s grandsons, explained, “We moved out due to issues with the family trust neglecting utility payments.”

The current state of Mandela’s home has saddened many South Africans, prompting calls on social media for his family and the government to preserve the legacy of the revered leader by restoring his former abode.

This stands in stark contrast to Mandela’s initial post-prison residence, now transformed into the luxury boutique hotel Sanctuary Madiba.

The disparity highlights the complex legacy and challenges faced in upholding the memory of the iconic statesman. (Credit: Source – BBC)

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