Liberia’s President Joseph Boakai has formed a team to fight against corruption and recover money taken from the country.

He wants to catch and punish high-ranking officials involved in corruption, even if they’re not in office anymore. Boakai demands that assets acquired unfairly from the government must be given back.

He’s serious about stopping corruption that’s hurting Liberia. If anyone bought government things illegally, they’ll have to return them.

Even those who live outside Liberia and stole from the government might have to come back to face justice.

Boakai has provided money for this team, which will start working right away. Last year, during his campaign, Boakai promised to deal with corruption.

Now, as president, he’s keeping his word. He won the election, beating former President George Weah. Weah’s time in office was marked by corruption accusations and criticized for his officials’ lavish spending.

Since taking office, Boakai has urged former officials to return any government items they still have.

(BBC as source)

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