Liberia’s President Joseph Boakai has announced a 40% reduction in his salary, aiming to set an example of responsible governance and show solidarity with his country’s citizens.

This decision comes amidst public outcry over high living costs, with many Liberians living on less than $2 a day. Boakai’s annual salary, previously $13,400, will now be $8,000 following this cut.

Similar to his predecessor George Weah’s 25% salary reduction, Boakai’s move has received mixed reactions.

While some praise it as a commendable gesture, others question its impact, noting additional benefits like daily allowances and medical coverage. The presidential office’s budget for this year stands at nearly $3 million.

Advocates for transparency and accountability in Liberia welcome Boakai’s salary cut, urging clarity on how the savings will benefit the public.

They emphasize the need for fair compensation for civil servants and hope for further reforms in government spending.

Since taking office earlier this year, Boakai has also committed to empowering the Civil Service Agency and has initiated measures to combat corruption, including audits and strengthening anti-corruption bodies.

His administration faces challenges like delayed delivery of official vehicles to lawmakers, highlighting ongoing issues in governance and public service delivery in Liberia.

Credit : BBC

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