Kenya’s court orders $78,000 payout to widow of Pakistani journalist killed by police

A court in Kenya has decided to award 10 million shillings (equivalent to $78,000 or £61,000) in compensation to the widow of a well-known Pakistani journalist who was fatally shot by Kenyan police at a roadblock nearly two years ago.

Arshad Sharif, a prominent TV anchor known for his outspoken criticism of Pakistan’s military leaders and political corruption, had received death threats which he reported to Pakistan’s top judge.

Fearing for his safety, Sharif fled his home country.

However, he was tragically killed in Kenya’s town of Kajiado, allegedly in a case of mistaken identity according to the police, although Sharif’s widow, Javeria Siddique, believes it was a contract killing orchestrated by someone in Pakistan.

The Kajiado High Court ruled that Sharif’s rights were violated by Kenya’s authorities, who failed to protect his life.

The court’s decision includes compensation for Siddique, acknowledging that while monetary compensation cannot replace loss of life or alleviate the family’s suffering, it serves as a necessary redress for human rights violations.

Sharif’s widow expressed relief at the court’s decision but emphasized that her quest for justice continues, aiming for accountability and transparency from both Kenyan and Pakistani authorities.

She remains committed to advocating for the protection of journalists globally, with support from organizations like the UN and the Committee to Protect Journalists.

The case has drawn attention to issues of police accountability and the dangers faced by journalists, highlighting the ongoing challenges in securing justice and safety for media professionals worldwide.

Credit : BBC

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