Parts of Ghana will face power cuts for at least three more weeks due to a gas supply shortage from Nigeria.

The state power company blamed the cuts on maintenance at a Nigerian gas supplier. Ghanaians have dealt with power shortages, known locally as “dumsor” (meaning “on and off”), for years.

Rapid urbanization and population growth have increased power demand. To fix the issue, Ghana’s government needs to spend around $400 million on gas and fuel for power plants.

The power company, ECG, owes $1.2 billion to private energy producers, including Nigerian suppliers, contributing to the shortage.

WAPCo, managing the regional gas pipeline, said the situation is beyond their control, affecting Togo and Benin as well.

Public anger is rising, and the power companies promised to manage the disruptions and minimize the impact.

Two months ago, President Nana Akufo-Addo stopped electricity exports to neighboring countries due to supply problems.

Power shortages have worsened amid Ghana’s economic crisis. The country, a major gold and cocoa producer, now relies heavily on gas for electricity, but its power plants are often poorly maintained.

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