Meet the 75 Soft Challenge: A More Approachable Fitness Journey

If you’ve ever felt the satisfaction of reaching a fitness goal, you’ll understand the appeal of structured programs. One such trend is the 75 Hard Challenge, aiming to boost both physical and mental health in 75 days. But for many, it’s too intense to stick with. Enter the 75 Soft Challenge, offering similar benefits but with a gentler approach.

Instead of two tough workouts daily, the 75 Soft Challenge requires just one, along with a day of active recovery each week. The diet rules are more flexible too, allowing occasional indulgences like a glass of wine.

Why bother? Well, committing to this challenge can improve your relationship with food and exercise, boost your confidence, and even enhance mental well-being. Plus, there are physical perks like feeling stronger and more energized.

But don’t stress about perfection—flexibility is key. If you slip up, just keep going. And remember, variety is key to staying motivated in your workouts, so mix it up!

Ultimately, the 75 Soft Challenge offers a balanced path to better health—one that’s worth celebrating, even if you don’t make it to day 75.

Credit : Parade

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