Etterlene DeBarge, the beloved matriarch of the famous DeBarge family and a gospel singer, peacefully passed away at the age of 88. Her daughter, Bunny DeBarge, shared the news on Instagram, describing her mother’s departure as going to see her king. Etterlene’s death, occurring in her sleep, marks the end of a life filled with love, faith, and strength.

Born in 1935 in Michigan, Etterlene was a mother to 10 children and played a significant role in shaping the musical legacy of the DeBarge family. Despite facing challenges like dementia in her later years, she remained an inspiration to many, leaving behind a legacy of resilience and talent.

In the midst of condolences pouring in from fans on social media, Bunny DeBarge’s tribute to her mother through a throwback video captures the essence of cherished memories and the bond shared between a mother and daughter.

This news highlights not just the loss of a remarkable individual but also the enduring impact of family, faith, and music. Through Parade’s reporting, we honor the life and contributions of Etterlene DeBarge, whose legacy will continue to inspire generations to come.

Source : Parade

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