Five England fans were slightly injured after being attacked by Netherlands supporters in Dortmund before the Euro 2024 semi-final on Wednesday, according to UK police.

The Netherlands fans attacked England fans in bars and tried to steal flags. Most Netherlands fans were there to watch the game, but some were considered troublemakers.

UK police are in Germany working with local police for the game, which starts at 20:00 BST. A video on social media shows fans throwing chairs at a bar, with a man in a Dutch football shirt involved.

People tried to protect themselves and moved inside, but more fighting followed with objects being thrown.

Leo, a bar worker, told the BBC that the fight started with a few people but quickly escalated, causing damage, including to the bar’s TV, so they can’t show the game.

The UK Football Policing Unit acknowledged the disorder and noted that some Dutch fans attacked England fans and tried to steal flags. The Dutch FA said 110,000 Netherlands fans traveled to Dortmund, compared to 40,000 from England.

The winner of this game will face Spain in Sunday’s final.

Credit to BBC for the information.

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