South Korea has a big problem: not enough babies are being born. It’s a serious issue because without enough kids, the population can’t grow.

Many women, like Yejin and her friends, are choosing not to have children. One reason is because it’s really hard to balance work and raising a family in South Korea.

Women often feel pressure to work a lot and can struggle to find help with childcare. Some also worry about losing their jobs if they take time off to have a baby.

Another problem is the high cost of living and education. Many families feel they can’t afford to have children because of these expenses.

Some women, like Minji, remember how tough their own childhoods were and don’t want their children to go through the same struggles.

Others, like Minsung, want children but can’t have them because of laws that make it difficult for same-sex couples to have kids.

The government is trying to solve the problem, but it’s not easy. President Yoon Suk Yeol says they need to change things so people don’t feel so pressured to compete all the time.

Yejin and her friends are finding life better in places like New Zealand, where they feel more respected and can balance work and life more easily.

So, while South Korea grapples with its low birth rate, some people are finding solutions elsewhere.

(Based on a story from BBC News)

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