Burger King is marking its 70th birthday in June with a special dessert and a week of deals.

The new Birthday Pie Slice, available starting May 13, combines birthday cake flavors with a pie crust, sprinkles, cake bites, and whipped topping.

Throughout the week leading up to Burger King’s birthday on June 1, customers can enjoy daily deals like free hamburgers and Croissan’wiches, with a purchase of $0.70 or more, for loyalty program members.

Burger King’s chief marketing officer expressed gratitude to loyal customers for the brand’s success over the years.

The dessert and deals are a way for Burger King to celebrate its history and connect with customers.

This news highlights Burger King’s effort to engage with customers and celebrate its milestone anniversary in a memorable way.

It also showcases the excitement and anticipation among customers for the new dessert offering and the upcoming deals.

(Source: Parade)


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