Tunisian authorities have arrested seven more sports officials following a controversy over the absence of the national flag at a swimming competition.

This comes after President Kais Saied expressed anger at the incident. The flag was covered during the event in response to sanctions from the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada).

President Saied took immediate action, dissolving the swimming federation board and dismissing key officials.

The sanctions imposed by Wada prevent Tunisia from hosting major sporting events and displaying its flag at competitions until it complies with anti-doping regulations.

Despite efforts by the Tunisian sports ministry to address the issue, the sanctions remain in place.

The situation has also affected Tunisia’s participation in the upcoming Paris Olympics, with defending swimming champion Ahmed Hafnaoui facing uncertainty due to an injury.

President Saied’s consolidation of power since 2019 has drawn criticism, with concerns about authoritarian rule resurfacing.

He defends his actions as necessary to address political and economic challenges.

This information is from the BBC.


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