As leaders gather for COP28 in Dubai, young activists worldwide are working to change the minds of those who deny climate change.

Individuals from different countries share their experiences of challenging skeptics with facts. For instance, Hossna Hanafy, an artist from Egypt, initially dismissed climate change until her sister and online research changed her perspective.

In Bangladesh, Yudhishtir Chandra Biswas used scientific evidence to counter misinformation and convinced his cousin by sharing the real impacts in their country.

Environmental activist Denembaye Julienne from Chad used visual proof of Lake Chad’s significant shrinkage to show climate change’s immediate effects.

In Pakistan, Murtaza Habib faced challenges altering his older relatives’ views, emphasizing the need for patience and respectful conversations.

The article concludes that while changing minds is not always easy, engaging with open-minded individuals can be more productive. Credit to BBC as the information source.

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