Big Climate Meeting in Dubai: What You Need to Know.

World leaders are in Dubai for COP28, a UN summit to talk about climate change. This year saw a lot of extreme weather, breaking many records.

COP28 is the 28th time countries meet to figure out how to deal with climate change. It’s happening in Dubai, UAE, from Nov 30 to Dec 12, 2023.

COP stands for ‘Conference of the Parties,’ the countries that signed a UN climate agreement in 1992.

Why is it controversial in Dubai?

The UAE is a big oil producer, and the head of its oil company is leading the talks. Oil is a big reason for climate change, and the company plans to produce even more.

Leaked documents suggest the UAE wanted to use the summit to make oil and gas deals.

Why is COP28 important?

COP28 aims to keep the global temperature from rising too much. The goal set in 2015 was to limit it to a 1.5C increase. This is crucial to avoid the worst effects of climate change, says the UN.

What will be discussed?

The focus is on moving to clean energy, giving money to poorer countries for climate action, and working on deals for developing nations. The summit wants to be the most inclusive ever and will have themed days on health, finance, food, and nature.

Who will be there?

Over 200 governments are invited. Leaders like the US President and China’s President won’t be there, but they’ll have representatives. UK’s Prime Minister and King Charles will attend.

What are the issues?

Disagreements are expected on using fossil fuels and how much money richer countries should give to poorer ones. The EU wants to end fossil fuel use, but some want to reduce it over time. Money is also a problem, as it’s unclear how a fund for countries facing climate change effects will work.

Will it make a difference?

Critics, like Greta Thunberg, say past meetings didn’t do enough. They think it’s just for show. But global agreements might come out of it, going beyond what individual countries do.( Source : BBC)

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