Social media platform X is taking action to protect Taylor Swift after explicit fake pictures of her started spreading online. They’ve blocked searches for her on the site to keep users safe.

The company says this is just a temporary measure. If you try to search for Swift, you’ll see a message saying there’s an error.

Fans of Swift were quick to spot the fake images and started sharing real ones to drown them out. They used hashtags like “protect Taylor Swift” to show support.

X, formerly known as Twitter, has a strict policy against sharing fake nude images without someone’s permission. They’re working hard to remove all the fake pictures and punish the accounts responsible for spreading them.

The White House also got involved, calling the spread of these fake images “worrying.” They think social media companies should do more to stop this kind of thing from happening. They’re even talking about making new laws to punish people who create fake images using AI technology.

This problem isn’t just happening in the US. In the UK, they’ve already made it illegal to share fake pornographic images like this. But in the US, there aren’t any federal laws against it yet, although some states are trying to change that.

So, it’s a big issue that’s getting attention from all over. People want to make sure that everyone, especially celebrities like Taylor Swift, is protected from this kind of harmful behavior online.

Credit: BBC

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