The White House Rejects Special Counsel’s Report on Biden’s Memory

The White House criticized a report from Special Counsel Robert Hur, suggesting that President Joe Biden had memory lapses. Hur, who served during Trump’s administration, concluded a 15-month investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents, stating that criminal charges weren’t pursued because Biden cooperated.

However, the report described Biden as an elderly man with a poor memory, which the White House disputed as politically motivated. Vice President Kamala Harris also defended Biden, calling the characterization in the report wrong.

The White House raised concerns about Hur’s motivations, suggesting political influence due to pressure in a heated political climate. Biden’s reaction was strong, particularly regarding comments about his late son, Beau Biden.

The report’s timing coincided with Biden’s handling of a Hamas attack on Israel, and Biden ordered a task force to review classified information procedures during presidential transitions.

Additionally, Biden’s physician opted not to give him a cognitive test during his physical exam last year. This comes amid ongoing political tensions and comparisons to Trump’s misidentifications and legal challenges.

Credit Reuters

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