White House Blames Iran-Backed Militia for Deadly Jordan Drone Strike”

The White House says an Iran-supported militia was behind a drone attack on a US base in Jordan. The US is planning its response. President Biden has already decided, but details aren’t public yet.

The attack killed three US soldiers and injured many others. The militia has claimed responsibility. The US is considering how to react, but wants to avoid escalating tensions in the Middle East.

Iran denies involvement. They warn of retaliation if attacked. Meanwhile, the militia says it’s stopping operations against US forces to avoid causing trouble for Iraq.

US troops injured in the attack are from various states. Some are back on duty, while others are still being treated.

In another part of the region, Yemen’s Houthis continue to attack ships in response to the conflict in Gaza. The situation remains tense, with both American and British forces responding to the attacks.

Source : BBC


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