Social media influencer Hervé Bopda from Cameroon got arrested because lots of people accused him of doing bad things. They said he and his friends hurt about 200 people.

Many others on social media also said he did bad things to them, using #stopbopda. Bopda says he didn’t do anything wrong.

His lawyer said the accusations were really bad, but Bopda got arrested to keep him safe. This activist guy started sharing stories about people who said Bopda hurt them.

They talked about things like kidnapping and hitting. This made more people on social media talk about it, especially women.

Even famous people and government officials are talking about it. Cameroon’s minister for women’s empowerment said it’s really serious and wants victims to speak up. Some lawyers complained to the police too.

Even celebrities from other countries are saying something. A popular musician from Nigeria posted about it on social media.

BBC provided this information.

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