Parade explains what you need to know about the first presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump happening tonight, June 27, at 9 p.m. ET. Hosted by CNN, the debate will be broadcast live from CNN’s studios in Atlanta, moderated by Dana Bash and Jake Tapper, and will not have a live audience.

In this debate, new rules are in place to keep things civil after the chaotic 2020 debates. The candidates’ microphones will be muted until it’s their turn to speak, ensuring each can talk without interruptions. They will each have a pen, paper, and water bottle, but no other notes or props are allowed. The debate will last 90 minutes with two commercial breaks.

The format includes an opening question with each candidate getting two minutes to respond, followed by one-minute rebuttals and further clarifications if needed. Each candidate will also have two minutes for closing statements.

Time will be managed with camera lights indicating how much time is left: yellow for 15 seconds, flashing red for five seconds, and solid red when time is up.

The goal is to maintain a professional and respectful discussion. CNN has committed to using all available tools to enforce these rules.

The second presidential debate is scheduled for September 10, 2024, on ABC.

You can watch the debate live on CNN, CNN International, CNN en Español, CNN Max,, and other networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox News, MSNBC, PBS, and C-SPAN.

Credit to Parade for this detailed overview of the debate preparations.

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