Yemen’s Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, carried out a major attack on ships in the Red Sea. They used a significant number of low-cost missiles and drones.

The US and UK, defending against these attacks, faced challenges due to the high cost of intercepting these inexpensive weapons.

The Houthis, employing swarm tactics, aim to overwhelm Western warship defenses. Despite international condemnation, the US and its allies hesitate to take direct military action due to regional complexities.

The Houthis align themselves with the Gaza conflict, claiming to target Israeli-related shipping, gaining support in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia, involved in a Yemen civil war, treads cautiously to avoid derailing a fragile truce and risking domestic unrest.

The situation suggests a potential for limited military action against the Houthi rebels in the near future. (Credit: BBC News)

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