A major Indian airline, Vistara, is cutting down its flights this month due to many cancellations and delays caused by a shortage of pilots. About 150 flights have been canceled, and 200 others delayed since March 31.

The pilots are reportedly protesting changes made after the airline merged with Air India. Vistara is addressing concerns about pilots’ work-life balance and offering refunds for canceled flights.

The CEO apologized to pilots for their heavy schedules and asked for their cooperation in resolving issues.

The airline plans to continue canceling flights until the end of the month to manage pilot availability. The Tata Group, which owns Vistara, acquired Air India in 2021 and is now consolidating its airline operations.

Pilots at Vistara are unhappy with the new pay and work hours introduced during the merger. They are also concerned about their future career prospects.

There are reports of pilots frequently falling ill due to overwork, raising safety concerns. Vistara acknowledges the challenges and is working to improve pilots’ work-life balance.

The airline attributes delays in March to various factors, including maintenance, weather, and congestion.

Credit : BBC


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