The Vatican has officially said that Catholics can’t be Freemasons because their beliefs clash. Freemasonry, a secret society opposed by the Catholic Church for ages, has around six million members worldwide.

The Vatican, specifically the Dicastery of the Doctrine of the Faith, shared this view in response to a concerned bishop from the Philippines. The department, led by Pope Francis, emphasized the clash between Catholic teachings and Freemasonry, echoing a 1983 declaration by Pope Benedict XVI.

This announcement follows the Vatican’s recent statement allowing transgender people to be baptized and take part in Catholic ceremonies.

Freemasonry, often tied to secretive rituals and symbols, has faced conspiracy theories alleging global influence. Despite this, the United Grand Lodge of England describes modern Freemasonry as one of the world’s oldest social and charitable organizations, rooted in medieval stonemason traditions.

While the Catholic Church has long been wary of Freemasonry, some famous figures, including Prince Philip, Winston Churchill, Peter Sellers, Alf Ramsey, Rudyard Kipling, and Arthur Conan Doyle, have been associated with the group.

(Source: Reuters)

Featured Image Credit: The Irish Independent

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