UK’s wealthiest family members sentenced for mistreating Indian staff in Geneva villa

Four members of the Hinduja family, known for their extensive business empire including interests in oil, gas, and banking, have been convicted in Switzerland for exploiting employees brought from India to work at their Geneva residence.

The court handed down prison terms ranging from four to four-and-a-half years for Prakash Hinduja, Kamal Hinduja, Ajay Hinduja, and his wife Namrata.

They were found guilty of illegal employment and exploitation, although they were acquitted of the more severe charge of human trafficking.

The family, whose fortune is estimated at approximately £37 billion, faced accusations of paying their staff far below legal wages, working them excessively long hours, and confiscating their passports.

Despite the defence’s arguments that the workers were treated fairly and chose to work there willingly, the prosecution portrayed a starkly different picture during the trial.

The case has drawn attention not only for its legal implications but also for the spotlight it puts on labor practices among the wealthy in Geneva, a city known for its concentration of international organizations and affluent residents.

Credit : BBC

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