This weekend, a secluded Swiss resort above Lake Lucerne will host a major summit with world leaders and heavy security.

The goal is to begin sketching out a peace process for Ukraine, 28 months after Russia invaded. It’s the biggest gathering for Ukraine since the invasion, but key players like China are absent, and Russia wasn’t invited.

For Ukraine, the summit is a positive sign of global support. Ukrainian leaders hope the summit will show Russia that the world backs Ukraine and international law.

However, expectations are low due to ongoing conflicts and recent Russian offensives.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has a 10-point peace plan, demanding Russia return all occupied land. He aims to rally international backing for this plan, but significant progress seems unlikely.

The summit will focus on less contentious issues like nuclear security, food supplies, and returning kidnapped Ukrainian children and prisoners.

Despite the challenges, Ukraine seeks a commitment from its allies to continue supporting its fight against Russia, not just a commitment to peace at any cost.

For more details, refer to the BBC.

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