UK Army Chief Warns of Need for Citizen Army Amid Rising Conflict Tensions

As tensions escalate in Europe, British Army General Sir Patrick Sanders is urging the nation to prepare for a potential major conflict on European soil. He’s not alone in this call; other senior NATO military leaders have also issued warnings, emphasizing the need to be vigilant and adaptable in uncertain times.

These warnings come amidst growing concerns about Russia’s intentions, with the recent invasion of Ukraine serving as a stark reminder of the potential threats faced by European nations. While some may view these warnings as alarmist, others, particularly those closer to Russian borders, are taking them seriously.

In countries like Sweden, where there’s already a form of conscription for their armed forces, the public is being urged to consider joining voluntary defense organizations and preparing for emergencies. Similarly, Finland, with its extensive border with Russia, has a robust conscription system that contributes to one of Europe’s largest armies.

In the UK, however, there are no plans to reintroduce conscription. General Sanders is advocating for a different approach – a “citizen army” that could be rapidly mobilized in the event of war. This would require significant planning and a shift in government mindset, but it’s seen as necessary given the current troop numbers and geopolitical realities.

While the Army is considering how to create such a citizen army, political support is crucial. Without it, the nation’s mindset may not change, even in the face of potential conflict. As one former minister noted, there’s a generational gap in understanding the gravity of the situation, highlighting the need for broad awareness and preparedness.

Source : BBC

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