Sketch artists are crucial in showing the world what’s happening inside the courtroom during Donald Trump’s hush-money trial since cameras are banned.

These artists, like Jane Rosenberg and Elizabeth Williams, capture the trial’s moments with their drawings. They’ve covered high-profile cases before, but this one is different due to the extra security and media attention.

Each day, the artists arrive early, bringing their art supplies, and struggle to get good views from the third row, often having to work around guards and tall people.

Trump even recognizes Rosenberg and sometimes comments on her work. They face the challenge of quickly sending their sketches out during breaks, often using the bathroom’s trash can for lighting.

Their work is vital for public access to the trial, and they take this responsibility seriously. Despite the challenges, they enjoy the adrenaline rush of the job.

As the trial progresses, both artists will be there until the end.

Credit to BBC for the information.

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