Toronto, Canada’s biggest city, is set to get its own Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) team, with plans for the franchise to start playing in 2026.

This move is part of the WNBA’s larger expansion efforts, aiming to increase the total number of teams to 16 by 2028.

The addition of Toronto marks the league’s first expansion outside of the United States.

Kilmer Sports Venture, led by Toronto billionaire Larry Tanenbaum, will spearhead the expansion.

Tanenbaum, known for his involvement in various Toronto sports franchises, including the Maple Leafs and the Raptors, is reportedly behind this initiative.

While an official announcement is expected soon, details about the team’s ownership and venue are still forthcoming.

The decision to bring a WNBA team to Toronto reflects the growing popularity of women’s basketball, both locally and internationally, and follows the success of recent WNBA drafts and games held in Canada.

The move is poised to further elevate the city’s status as a hub for basketball enthusiasm and could contribute to the broader growth of women’s sports in the region.

Credit : BBC

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