Entrepreneurs Who Make It Big: What Sets Them Apart?

BBC recently interviewed successful entrepreneurs and uncovered three standout qualities that seem to contribute to their success.

Firstly, many of these entrepreneurs had a rebellious streak. They didn’t quite fit into traditional paths like school or regular jobs. Take Duncan Bannatyne, for example, who got kicked out of the navy. His motto? “Authority should not be blindly accepted.” Others, like Krisi Smith, found themselves at odds with their employers’ ethics, driving them to start their own ventures.

Secondly, there’s an inherent impatience among these entrepreneurs. They’re always seeking new opportunities and refusing to stand still. This restlessness led Timo Armoo to start his first business at school and eventually secure interviews with business icons by seizing unexpected opportunities.

Lastly, successful entrepreneurs are doers, not just dreamers. They have a proactive approach to solving problems and turning ideas into reality. Richard Walker, for instance, followed advice to move to Poland and start a business, showing initiative and a willingness to take risks.

But amidst these qualities, there’s also a dose of optimism. Despite the odds, entrepreneurs believe in their ability to make things happen, driving them to overcome setbacks and keep pushing forward.

However, luck plays a significant role too. While these entrepreneurs found success, many others face challenges or failure despite possessing similar traits. Entrepreneurship isn’t reserved for a select few; it’s about cultivating the right skills and mindset, taking risks, and persisting through challenges.

In essence, while entrepreneurs may seem special, they’re just like everyone else, with their quirks and flaws. The key is to learn from their experiences and understand what it takes to pursue your own entrepreneurial journey.

Credit: BBC.


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