Edinburgh Mom Shocked to Find Out She’s Pregnant Despite Sterilization.

Beth McDermott, 31, underwent sterilization last summer due to a painful spinal condition. The procedure, which involved clamping metal clips on her fallopian tubes, was performed alongside the delivery of her second son.

To her surprise, just months later, she discovered she was pregnant again.

Beth, who had faced serious health issues during her previous pregnancies, including paralysis from the waist down, expressed shock and disbelief upon learning about her third pregnancy.

Despite the NHS apologizing for the less than 1% failure rate of the sterilization procedure, Beth is now calling for a full investigation.

Having faced significant challenges with her health, Beth is determined to keep the baby, describing it as a “miracle.”

However, she emphasizes the need for answers and a thorough examination of what went wrong during the sterilization process.

Beth’s story sheds light on the complexities and uncertainties surrounding medical procedures, urging a closer look at the effectiveness of such interventions.

The BBC originally reported this surprising turn of events.


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