South African police are questioning four individuals regarding the disappearance of six-year-old Joslin Smith, who went missing from her home in Saldanha Bay two weeks ago.

The search for Joslin has gripped the nation, with hundreds of officers and volunteers, including naval officers and drones, scouring the area for any sign of her.

Two men and two women are being questioned in connection with her disappearance, as authorities hope to uncover clues about her whereabouts.

Despite the alarming rate of child disappearances in South Africa, many missing children are eventually found. Investigators recently discovered bloodied clothing in the vicinity where Joslin vanished, adding to the urgency of the search.

Community members have mobilized in a desperate attempt to find Joslin, with some resorting to aggressive tactics like raiding homes.

A reward has been offered for any information leading to her location. Joslin’s mother remains hopeful, vowing to continue searching for her daughter tirelessly.

Joslin was last seen under the care of her mother’s boyfriend, who claims he cannot explain her disappearance and denies any involvement.

(Adapted from BBC)

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