During a recent visit to the White House on May 31, Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce joked about getting a warning from the Secret Service that he might be tased if he stood at the presidential podium. He shared this story on his podcast with his brother, Jason Kelce, on June 5.

The Secret Service later clarified to People magazine that the warning was just friendly banter, not a serious threat. They enjoyed having Travis and the Chiefs at the White House and even gave him a special Secret Service pin.

When the Chiefs visited President Biden to celebrate their Super Bowl win, Travis, known for his playful personality, tried to speak at the podium. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes quickly stopped him, remembering the humorous “taser warning.”

During the event, Biden playfully invited Travis to the podium, leading to a funny moment where Travis pretended to address the audience but then stepped back, joking about the taser comment.

Travis also shared that he previously had trouble entering the White House with an expired ID but avoided issues this time by bringing his passport.

Parade reports that this light-hearted incident reflects Travis’s fun-loving nature and the camaraderie between the team and the Secret Service.


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