Yellowstone Creator Taylor Sheridan Directs First Fritos Ad at Iconic Ranch

Taylor Sheridan, known for creating Yellowstone, is making waves again by directing his first TV commercial. The Western-inspired Fritos ad, narrated by Sam Elliott, delves into the history of Fritos, cowboys, and the Western spirit.

Shot at the famous Four Sixes Ranch, known for its role in Yellowstone and 1883, the ad brings a unique connection to Sheridan’s work.

In an interesting twist, Sheridan, usually behind the scenes, steps into the director’s chair for this commercial. The heartwarming ad not only appeals to Yellowstone fans but also showcases the 266,000-acre Texas ranch Sheridan and investors purchased in 2020 for $192.2 million, underlining its significance in Paramount series production.

This marks Sheridan’s debut in directing a branded ad, a new frontier for the prolific creator. Interestingly, he had previously appeared in a 1997 Coors commercial alongside legendary guitarist Les Paul. (Source: Parade)

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