Netflix Reveals Top Shows, But Do Numbers Tell the Whole Story?

Netflix recently shared its viewer stats, showcasing hits like The Night Agent and Queen Charlotte. While it’s a peek behind the streaming curtain, some key questions linger. Notably, the data covers only January to June 2023, so popular series like The Crown and Stranger Things, not releasing in that window, aren’t in the top ranks.

Another twist: Netflix divides shows by season, affecting rankings. The Crown’s season five is 153rd, but add all seasons, and it climbs. Stranger Things’ cumulative hours would boost its rank. Lesser-known shows internationally, like La Reina del Sur and The Glory, scored well.

The reported hours, like 812 million for The Night Agent, are total, not per episode. Dividing by episodes can give a misleading average per episode. And let’s not forget films; they’re at a disadvantage. The highest-ranking film, The Mother, reached 14th with nearly 250 million hours, competing with series that have more episodes. Netflix’s decision to list by hours complicates comparisons across different show formats.

Intriguing numbers, sure, but without more details like audience completion rates, they’re just part of the tale. Check out BBC for the full report. Do numbers really capture what we love to watch? (Source: BBC)

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