How Technology is Revolutionizing Warehouse Work

When you order groceries online, a complex system kicks into gear, involving robots, artificial intelligence, and human workers. At places like Ocado’s warehouse in Luton, robots dart around grids, swiftly fetching items for orders. While traditional methods involved humans picking items, companies like Ocado have shifted to using robots for efficiency.

Ocado isn’t alone in this trend. Asda and Walmart in the US are also adopting automation in their warehouses. At Ocado, robots not only retrieve items but also pass them to robotic arms for packing, a feat requiring sophisticated AI training. While robots currently handle only a fraction of items, this is expected to increase significantly in the future.

However, full automation comes with challenges and costs. Companies need modern facilities and significant investment to fully automate warehouses. Yet, innovations like Pio from AutoStore are making automation more accessible to smaller businesses, promising growth in the adoption of this technology in the coming years.

Credit : BBC

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