Putin is winning another election in Russia, and it’s no surprise. With almost half the votes counted, he’s way ahead with 87.3%.

This means he’s in charge until at least 2030, making him the longest-serving leader since Stalin. But this victory wasn’t unexpected – most of Putin’s opponents are either dead, in jail, or banned from running.

The election may not be a real test of democracy, as Putin’s spokesman said, but it’s important for the Kremlin to show Putin’s power.

And with recent events like the death of his biggest rival, Alexey Navalny, and protests against him, Putin’s grip on power seems tighter than ever.

Despite criticism from Ukraine and others, Putin’s popularity remains high in Russia, with many supporting his actions in Ukraine.

The war there has boosted patriotism in Russia, even as it worsens economic problems and cracks down on dissent.

With Putin’s victory, it looks like Russia will continue its aggressive stance in Ukraine, testing its defenses and producing more weapons than ever.

(Source: CNN)


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