Stop letting people mess with your head!” That’s the message from experts who say “gaslighting” can seriously mess with your mind.

It’s not just a trendy word—it’s a harmful way some folks manipulate others by making them doubt their own thoughts and feelings. So, how do you fight back?

Parade asked psychologists for some simple phrases to shut down gaslighting. Here are 14 gems:

  1. “We each see things differently. My reality is mine, yours is yours.”
  2. “I understand that’s how you see it.”
  3. “That’s not true.”
  4. “You’re making me feel small.”
  5. “I trust myself.”
  6. Just say “OK” and move on.
  7. “I’ll own my part, if you own yours.”
  8. “Can you explain more?”
  9. “Let me think about it.”
  10. “Let’s drop it.”
  11. “I won’t take the blame if you won’t take responsibility.”
  12. “I’m out if you won’t respect me.”
  13. “Some truths are tough.”
  14. “This is my boundary, respect it.”

But remember, don’t say stuff like “It’s all my fault” or anything that might make things worse. And definitely don’t provoke them. Stay cool and assert your truth.

Source : Parade

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